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Dan Pedemont

About me


who I am

I am a IT Professional who has been working in the technology industry for nearly 25 years. I have worked as both a full-time employee and as a contractor at over 12 organisations and have managed teams with as many as 80 team members. I currently work as the Operations Manager & Developer at DigiGround which is a multi-award winning mobile application development agency based in Sydney, Australia.

My Journey

Daniel Pedemont

CTO, Operations Manager, BDM
Developer, IT Professional
Removalist, Driver, Trainer, Estimator
Security, Martial Artist, Coach

ABN: 66 265 480 570
Dulwich Hill NSW
[email protected]
+61 419 964 878

Trustworthy and experienced professional with-in the logistic and technology industries. Specialising in management, project development and system integration.

Possession of core competencies to suit various job roles and work type environments. Providing solutions since the late 90’s thorough familiarity and expertise in a broad range of system hardware, software and programming languages. Enjoys solving challenging problems and creating better system processes.

Work Experience

Operations Manager, Developer, IT Professional

DigiGround – North Sydney NSW
2021 to Present – Full time

CTO, BDM, Developer

Aamica AU – Sydney NSW, Aamica US – Lees Summit Missouri
2021 to Present – Part time
2019 to 2021 – Full time

Martial Artist, Coach

NDA Contracted – Sydney NSW
2019 to 2022 – Part time

Operations Manager, Developer, IT Professional

Coleman Carriers – Leichhardt NSW
2017 to 2018 – Full time

Operations Manager, IT Professional, Removalist, Trainer, Estimator

Citymove Removals – Marrickville NSW
2016 to 2016 – Full time

Operations Manager (Trainee)

QoD – Artarmon NSW
2016 to 2016 – Part time

BDM, IT Professional

Ed’s Locksmiths – Dulwich Hill NSW
2015 to 2015 – Part time

Developer, IT Professional

E-Induct / Eify – Artarmon NSW
2012 to 2014 – Full time

BDM, Developer, IT Professional

3D Safety Systems – Artarmon NSW
2011 to 2012 – Full time

Developer, IT Professional

Father Dave Smith: Order of the Fighting Fathers – Dulwich Hill NSW
2009 to 2011 – Part time

Removalist, Driver

Graeme Pedemont Removals – Dulwich Hill NSW, Coleman Carriers – Leichhardt NSW
2009 to 2011 – Part time

BDM, Developer, IT Professional

NDA Contracted – Sydney NSW, Carnival & Toy – Glebe NSW, Wagner Electronics – Ashfield NSW, Medicraft / Hill-Rom Australia – Marrickville NSW, Adap2-Us – Strathfield NSW
2001 to 2008 – Part time


Pfizer Australia ℅ SNP Security – Caringbah NSW
2006 to 2006 – Full time

Manager (Assistant), Developer, IT Professional

Adap2-Us – Flemington NSW
1998 to 2001 – Full time
1997 to 1997 – Part time

Manager (Trainee)

Coles – Claremont WA
1997 to 1997 – Full time

IT Professional

Medicraft / Hill-Rom Australia – Marrickville NSW
1994 to 1996 – Casual

Removalist, Driver

Graeme Pedemont Removals – Dulwich Hill NSW
1994 to 1996 – Casual

Skills (IBNLT)

IT Professional

GNU / OSS, Hardware Procurement, Networking, System Administration, DevOps, Security & Penetration Testing, Overclocking, Data Backup & Disaster Recovery, QA & ITS, SEO & Web Analytics, Analog & Digital Telecommunications, Media Transcoding, UEFI PXE Booting, Firmware / ROM, Cryptography, POS Solutions, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Cygwin, WSL, Docker, Qemu, Hyper-V, Samba, Active Directory Services, DNSMasq & ISC-DHCP, ClamAV, Policyd-weight, SpamAssassin, Postfix, Courier & Dovecot, PeerGuardian / PeerBlock & IPBan, Fail2Ban, OpenSSH, Git & SVN, HostAPd & Connectify, NetCat, OpenSSL & Curl, Apache & NGINX, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, BlueStacks, Metasploit, OpenVPN Server, Kodi & Emby, FFMPEG, Ntchpw, NMap, WireShark, Adobe XD, Android Studio, Xcode, MantisBT

RDS (Performance Insights & Cluster), Lambda, OpenSearch, Amplify, API Gateway, DynamoDB, EC2, S3, Route 53, CloudWatch, AppSync, Cognito

API & Services, (Service Accounts, Analytics, Maps, etc), VPC, Workspace

App Store Connect, In-App Purchase


Scoping & Design, Development, Debugging, Project Management, Benchmarking & Profiling, Documentation, Data Mining, Coding Standards / Concepts / Patterns, O(n), Data Reduction, Database Normalisation, Exploits

CBL, Shell & Batch script, SQL, Perl, C, C++, Objective C, C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, Haskell, R, Go

jQuery, WordPress, cAlgo, Node-js, Sequelize, TypeScript, React-js, Express-js, React-native

Additional Information

CTO, Operations Manager, BDM

Across all aspects of the systems development life cycle from ideation, scoping, estimation, resource management, design, development, release, maintenance or post-delivery handover. Representative director for key partners and internal teams, including finance, sales and marketing. Expertise in team member recruitment, onboarding, mentorship, training and development. Facilitator of team work process improvements. Maintainer of knowledge bases for technology, trends and market opportunities.

Developer, IT Professional

Fluent understanding of POSIX and Microsoft Windows type operating systems and development tools. Participation in OSS projects (IBNLT); PHP-Nuke hardening, modifications and plug-ins. Initial port of Apache for Cygwin. Customisation of software (IBNLT); Drupal, WordPress, Gallery2, PHP-Nuke, X-Cart, ZenCart, Advanceware, IBEZ and in-house solution services. Creator of; SAM (SSL toolkit), Sonic (generic plug-in based server daemon) and zD (web framework). Extensive knowledge of and experience with system, network and cloud infrastructure, security principles and best practices.

Removalist, Driver, Trainer, Estimator

A fifth generation Pedemont family removalist. Manager and representative for other same industry companies. Relevant HRW, JSA/SWMS and OHS industry exposure from IT systems compliance and development (see Eify). Industry systems knowledge (IBNLT); WHS, Crittah, Asana, PTT systems. Project Coordinator of large scale relocations (IBNLT); AATKings Tours, Shona Joy. Multiple George St. relocations co-ordinated with Acciona Construction during Sydney Light-Rail development (IBNLT); Philippine Department of Tourism Australia & New Zealand, Redback Web Solutions. Representing Director for RMS court matters. BNI meeting member, VIP Client move coordinator, business lead development and account manager.

Martial Artist, Coach

18+ years representing and studying at Wah Nam Kung Fu Martial Arts.

a.b.n. Rates


Project Coordinator

$45 p/h

Driver, Removalist, Estimator

$35 p/h


Business Analyst

$75 p/h


$65 p/h

IT Professional

$55 p/h

Martial Art Coach

Private Instructor

$80 p/h

Class Instructor

$20 p/h


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